Mongolia will harvest 17.2 million bushel wheat

Mr. G.Odonkhuu, official of the Ministry of Industry and Agriculture, updates harvest progress.

Q: Autumn harvest started late, can you update us with harvest progress?
A: Grain maturity has come late, due to relatively rainy and cold summer. As for now, harvest is 20% completed.
Q: How about vegetable harvest?
A: Vegetable harvest is going quite well, with 70% of performance. It will be completed by early October.
Q: How much harvest can we expect this year?
A: Expectation is about 468 thousand tons (approx. 17.2 million bushel) of wheat, and 208,9 thousand tons of potato, 99,4 tons of other vegetable. This year, Mongolia will supply its need in full. Thanks to Atar III campaign, Mongolia supply its wheat demand 100%.
Q: Weather Forecast Institute informs that weather will be not friendly for the harvest. Can we manage to harvest before the weather get worse?
A: Hope so, we informed this forecast to farmers and are working on to make sure that farmer’s equipment is ready and operates without failure. Our people are working in this part.

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