Mongolia will build railway connecting the west with east

Democratic Party Group meeting at the State Great Khural was held and Prime Minister S.Batbold attended the meeting introducing his four issues, planned to propose to the general session of SGK, including Tavan Tolgoi deposit, railway, 100 family housing program, election promise of 1,5 million MNT.

He introduced his idea on 100 thousand family housing which will be supported with long term soft loans to the people and MPRP election promise of 1,5 million MNT. 30% of it will be provided in cash injection and remaining part will be delivered as health insurance, tuition, deposit payment of apartment purchase and pension insurance.

As for Tavan Tolgoi deposit, the general plan of realization will be proposed to SGK for the approval and the operating company will be selected after the approval.  But pre-payment of around 0.5 – 2 billion US$ is included in the plan.

The main interesting and important issue is railway. The Government prefers to build horizontal railway line based on the economy and geo-political impacts. The plan is developed to build horizontal railway line by loan and owned by the state. But Demparty’s election promise was share distribution and share of “Erdenes MGL” will be distributed to people evenly. People of Mongolia will benefit from  the dividend when profit of Tavan Tolgoi and Oyu Tolgoi is increased.

After the Prime Minister’s presentation, many Demparty MPs supported the Prime Minister’s plan. Minister Kh.Battulga said that “It is bit early be happy with horizontal railway line. Because, it will be approved by SGK after discussed by the National Security Council. After all, this version is good for the Mongolian future”.


I am just saying, instead of wasting 1.5million T’s on the Mongolia people, WHY not built better infrastructure such as roads that don’t cause your car’s suspension to be replaced every year.

Hospitals that meet international standards,
School’s that have the latest computers and speed’s, I can’t even look at my grades at my own school for god’s sakes.

these people in office are total nut-heads.

We need younger generation, more open-minded people in Office instead of these old communist nut heads.

Just my 2 cents.

I suggest that you run for MP.
Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure.
You seem to know what needs should be filled first. Now go do something about it.
If I could vote, I would vote for you.
Good luck

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