Mongolia received its second helicopter.

Mongolia lost all of its helicopters last year. The issue of new helicopter was discussed widely and it was included in the state budget. Lat August it received its first helicopter MI-171E, transport helicopter, and recently the air force of the anti-air unit of the Mongolian Army Staff Headquarter received its second helicopter. Within the framework of the receiving new helicopter, 22 technical staff and pilots were trained at Ulan-Ude, Russian Federation and some of them brought the new helicopter. The previous one was for transportation and this one is equipped with civilian transportation purpose.

MI-171E has the full capacity of the helicopter and it has weather locator, preventing signalization against closure to the surface and GPS. It has 24 seats, restroom. Its flight height is 6000 meters,top speed is 250 km/hour and can fly up to 750 km without refueling.

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