Mongolia and China signs import and export agreement

Mongolia will export and import processed meat products from China.
This decision was made by the vice Ministerial level first meeting on cooperation in export and import food safety between Mongolia and China that ran on October 26-29 in Dalian city, China.
A head of General agency for Specialized inspection of Mongolia R.Sodkhuu and a vice Minister of General administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of China Pu Chang-chen have signed three protocols on exporting and importing processed beef, mutton, goat meat and meat products, on exporting wheat and on exporting rape seeds. Then the vice ministers have held a special meeting and agreed to strengthen the cooperation of the inspection organizations. Present at this meeting were Kh.Zoljargal, a vice Minister of Food, agriculture and light industry, and G.Baigalmaa, a first secretary of Embassy of Mongolia to China. The Mongolian delegation has visited a food laboratory of Quarantine department in Leo In region, and got au fait with entities who process and export sea products.
The sides have decided to run next meeting in 2013 in Ulaanbaatar.

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