Minister T.Badamjunai attended “Mongol Meat” trade fair.

On January 12 2010, Mr. T.Badamjunai, Minister for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry of Mongolia, attended “Mongol Meat Export” trade fair and workshop as part of his official visit to China. The Mongolian delegation includes Ambassador Ts Sukhbaatar, MP B.Bat-Erdene, MP. D.Terbishdavga, D.Gunibazar, Deputy Head of the General Authority of Professional Inspection, M.Lkhachinbal, Executive Director of Mongolian Meat Association, L.Ganpurev, Head of Meat Research Institute and the officials made presentation on Mongolian Meat Export, Veterinarian control. Session ended with open Q & A.  

The main importance of the event was that over 60 companies (10 from Mongolia and 50 from China), diplomats and delegates of over 20 foreign missions in Beijing attended the meeting and held joint session on challenges of exporting meat from Mongolia. During the event, an exhibition was organized with tasting of the Mongolian meat.

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