Minister Kh.Battulga: We will stand firm on our decision

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The road from Tavan Tolgoi to Tsagaan Khad (a border point to China) was shut and suspended coal transport. It was closed several times, but re-opened because of revenue cut in the state budget. Some say it will be re-opened soon. MP Z.Enkhbold is the key supporter of such measures against railroad transport instead of autoroad transport. MP Z.Enkhbold prefers paved road transport not affecting the nature and environment, yet creating many workplaces with better wages.

Minister Kh.Battulga shares his opinion on his latest decision.

Q: For how long the coal transport will be suspended? Will it be re-opened in few months?

Kh.Battulga: Since 2009, road condition question was raised several times to coal transporting companies. We asked to build the road and start the transportation. They have fund therefore, they should understand the issue. If someone makes revenue, then he or she shall pay attanetion on contributing to the local infrastructure development. Professional inspection organizations shall pay attention on this issue.

We will stand firm on our decision. Export of only 2-3 companies can’t contribute that much to the budget. Even they hide their income, therefore, that income shall be revealed.

Q: 70% of coal transport is being carried out by Chinese. Also many Chinese are working for Oyu Tolgoi and Tavan Tolgoi. Why Mongolians can’t be employed by them?

Kh.Battulga: The Government has policy. Most countries import workforce from abroad. When they are doing so, they divide them as blue collar workers and skilled workers. Our country also have quota. Only the law enforcement is wek in the countryside.
Also, entering of the Chinese drivers to Mongolia 200-300 kms deep was halted. But these Chinese drivers replaced their plate with the Mongolian one. But the Mongolian drivers can’t enter 2 km to China. Sometimes we are lacking man power. Error exists in the both sides.

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