Message to“ the good people”

Message to the good people who urges to increase salary

“You, good people, are demonstrating in streets and squares recently demanding increase of salary and to set the minimum salary rate 300.000 MNT and 1 million MNT for State Officials”. We hope that you “good people” profoundly understand that the issues of the minimum rate of salary and the increase of salary of state officials are closely related with the other policies of economy, especially policy harnessing inflation, private sector development policy, productivity especially labour productivity development policy, administration reform and structure change. When you were talking about these topics and dreams, the inflation of Mongolia reached over 30% and international organizations advising to take decisive measures against inflation. Moreover, the State Great Khural and the Government of Mongolia are thinking about the measures against inflation and planning certain works such as saving in the all levels of the state structure. You, “Good man”, we still don’t know yet much about your profession and background, but a man who has certain understanding on salary, price, productivity and general balance of economy never make such a statement. We hope that your “a good man” talks, statements and such acts are not for your own petty reputation and well being. Also we hope that it is not the expression of dream of a good hearted man who worries about the state of Mongolia and people of Mongolia, namely “Tears of Crocodile”.
But economy is economy, it has different law, structure and nature than we dream. Through the remaining months of 2008 and whole 2009, we will “fight” against inflation harshly. Government, private sector, people of Mongolia will win if we all have common sense in the “battle”. At that time the real value of an ordinary Mongolian will be measured not only by salary, but something much different and higher measures.

“ill-willed” Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Trade

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