Mesic visits Mongolia to 'foster links with Croatia' writes that,

Relations between Croatia and Mongolia are set to be increased following a visit to the country by Stjepan Mesic, according to the Mongolian president’s press office.

The English People’s Daily Online reports Nambaryn Enkhbayar and his Croatian counterpart agreed to bilateral cooperation between the two countries yesterday (August 4th).

Among the fields set to be increasingly linked between Croatia and Mongolia are the economy, education, international affairs and trade.

The Croatian president’s first trip to the Asian country, which is expected to finish tomorrow, has also entailed meetings with Mongolian prime minister Sanj Bayar.

It is the latest move by Mr Mesic to boost relations between Croatia and other countries.

Recently, the president was involved in the launch of the new Union for the Mediterranean, which aims to cement a partnership between Europe, north Africa, and the Middle East.

Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro have all joined Croatia in signing up to the new union.

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