List of draft laws and regulations to be discussed by the fall session of SGK

The list was approved before the end of the special session of SGK. Here are as follows:

  1. Draft Budget Law of Mongolia of 2013
  2. Draft Budget Law of Human Development Fund of 2013
  3. Draft budget Law of Social Insurance Fund of 2013
  4. State Great Khural draft resolution on main directions of the State Monetary Policy in 2013
  5. Government Financial Report of 2011 and Budget Implementation of Mongolia in 2011
  6. Draft resolution of the State Great Khural on approval of the main principle of developing the laws and regulations of Mongolia until 2016.
  7. Draft Law on Savings Insurance
  8. Draft Law on Securities Market
  9. Amendment in the Law on the State Great Khural and Law on the State Great Khural Session Procedure.
  10. Draft Law on Press Freedom
  11. 11. Draft Law on Food and Food Security
  12. 12. Miscellaneous

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