Lambaa Sambuu, Cabinet Minister and the Minister for Health

Democratic Party

Born in 1950, Undur-Ulaan soum, Arkhangai aimag

Educational record:
1968 Secondary School of Tsetserleg City, Arkhangai aimag.
1976 National University of Mongolia

Engineer and economist
Ph.D in economics, professor.

Language: Mongolian and Russian

Employment record:
1969-1972 Military Service at the Army Unit 030
1976-1980 Teacher of economy and political science at the National University of Mongolia.
1980-1984 Officer at the National Education Ministry and the State Committee on High, Special and technical eductaion.
1984-1987 Expert and dean of training faculty of Erkhuu University, Soviet Union.
1987-1990 Expert and Head of the department at teh State Committee on High Education and State Committee on Science and hgih Education.
1990-1992 expert at the People’s Education Ministry and General Director of “Surgalt Impex” LLC
1992-1996 онд General Director of “Erdem” complex.
1996-2000 Member of Parliament and Head of the Standing Committee on Social Policy
2000-2004 Secretary of Democratic Party and Executive Director of “Local Administration Development Foundation”
2004 оноос Member of Parliament

Appointed as the Cabinet Minister and the Minister for Health by the session of the State Great Khural, September 19, 2008.


hellow…. I hope U do good, smart choice for the ppl…. and nation..plse..
ideas: Mglian clinic and hospital needs new tech… (god sick…this is 21century) U can start in city…UB, Darhan, Erdnet…such
plse .. stop stealing tax payers money
stop buying chip shit from china or other asian countrys, ppl get sick of that shit….. maybe yr bro or yr friend , relatives.. yr business partners… bring that shit….. MONEY coming and go…Health ..u have 2 fixed, healid… lot,s ppl go outside the country get help(rich and who can)…why?… if we can eat healthy and exercise….. have a good modern hospital…. they don,t need 2 give their money any other countrys , why we make them more richer

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