Khamug Mongol alliance is officially established

Khamug Mongol Alliance led by MP Ts.Shinebayar yesterday announced to journalists that it has moved into its own office. The alliance was founded by Ts.Shinebayar in December, 2010. Khamug Mongol Alliance’s head MP Ts.Shinebayar speaks to the media about its alliance.

Q: What are the aims of the “Khamug Mongol” alliance? What are you planning to do in the near future?

MP Ts.Shinebayar: It is very important to have fair state. Mongolians are seen as not the first choice in our own land. We want brighter future for all Mongolians. We have many problems upon us. One of them is the western tsankhi of tavantolgoi deposit. We see the agreements with foreign investors as giving the deposit away. We have few countries talking about disposing nuclear waste in Mongolia. Mining licenses are being transferred to more and more foreigners and corruption index is increasing. We will work on all these problems.

Q: There is always someone behind any movement or alliance with different interests. What can you say about this?

MP Ts.Shinebayar: We are going to work for the people and the citizens of Mongolia, unlike the State Great Khural at present. Every Political Part and movements should work for the people not for someone’s interest. We are going to be very democratic and will work very actively in terms of politics.

Q: You have given up your post as a Deputy Leader of the MPRP but now you are concentrating more on the alliance. What is your status with the MPRP at the moment?

MP Ts.Shinebayar: I stayed with the MPRP. I resigned from my post at the MPRP and talked about this many times in the media. People are eager for higher posts and powerful positions but I wanted to be a role model for the younger ones to be fair and not just go after power and money. I will also be very active in the SGK’s works and give my opinions. The Autumn Session of the Parliament will discuss important issues including establishing oil producing factory and the Tavantolgoi project.

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