Government Notification on burying nuclear waste in Mongolia

Mongolian Government has incentives to further study the radioactive mineral resources and become peaceful miner, producer and exporting country of nuclear energy. Our objectives are to produce nuclear energy by using technologies that are environmentally and ecologically friendly.
The policies and decisions made by the Government are fully complied by the “Law on nuclear energy”, “Law on importing, transporting and exporting of hazardous waste in Mongolia” and “Guiding principle on radioactive mineral resources and nuclear energy” approved in 2009 by the State Great Khural of Mongolia (Parliament).
Lately however, domestic and global media have informed that Mongolia held negotiations with other counties to sign agreements to bury nuclear wastes in Mongolia which are completely false and misleading as it is againsts the “Law on importing, transporting and exporting of hazardous waste in Mongolia”.
Mongolian officials held meetings with foreign officials and signed memorandum of cooperation in the nuclear energy sector but the meetings and interviews of the officials were wrongly reported as signing agreements with foreign countries to bury nuclear waste in Mongolian soil and as a result it had negative effect on people’e mentality.
This document is to notify that the Mongolian Government works (always will be) in accordance with all the laws and regulations that are valid in Mongolia in terms of dealing with radioactive mineral resources and using of nuclear energy

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