Governing Committee of MPP has resigned

The Governing Committee of MPP has resigned. The Governing Committee of MPP, the main policy making body of former ruling party, has resigned in full force. The State Great Khural’s General Session is being suspended due to the absence of MPs from MPP. MPP abstained any attendance until its SK Party Group Meeting decision. SK Party Group of MPP has expectation to solve the issue of its two winners at Uvurkhangai electoral district, which was suspended by the district court of Khan-Uul, Ulaanbaatar, before any other issues to be discussed at the SGK level.

Now the main debate is made on nominating the new General Secretary of MPP. Possible candidates are Mr. Tsogtbaatar, Minister for Environment and Tourism, Mr. Sukhbaatar, former MP and lost his election campaign at Darkhan-Uul province, and Mr. Zandanshatar, former MP and Minister for Foreign Affairs and lost his election campaign at Bayankhongor province.


They should consider again about the candidates. Most of them are under qualified to be a General Secretary of MPP

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