G.Zandanshatar: Mongolia plans to open Embassy in Italy and Hong Kong

Q: Yesterday’s session of the SGK discussed and supported the idea of forming Embassies and Councils in few countries. What are the main advantages of the establishments of these councils?
G.Zandanshatar: About 15 thousand Mongolian citizens work and live in the western cities of USA. Therefore the councils are required to be established. Four to five thousand Mongolians travel to Hong Kong annually. Other than this, we can see that lots of people are affected by human trafficking and drug related crimes. We also have some citizens who work and live In Hong Kong illegally. International research shows that many women work and live in Hong Kong and Macao illegally. Last few years alone we brought back 99 citizens who were victims of those types of crimes. That is a council is required to protect the citizens.

In addition, Hong Kong is one of the centers for Finance and Stock. Movement from Mongolia to Hong is increasing due to big growth in Mongolia. Recently Mongolian Airline established a direct flight to Hong Kong which shows increased movement. These are why we need to improve our External relations works in these countries.

Q: How many citizens live in Japan? Where exactly the new Councils will be established in Japan?

G.Zandanshatar: These were discussed yesterday. Around two thousand Mongolians study and live in the areas of Osaki and Kansai. These cities are powerful economic centers and so the Councils are required in the Southern areas of Japana.

Q: What are the next destinations to establish Embassy or Council?

G.Zandanshatar: First of all, we are analyzing to establish Embassy in Italy.

Q: How many Mongolians live in Italy?

G.Zandanshatar: Handful of Mongolians lives in Italy. One of the reasons to open Embassy in Italy is to connect with large number international organizations in Rome. It is very beneficial to our economy if we connect with large organizations like World’s Agriculture organization. In addition, it is our very positive to our External Relations policy if we open Embassy in one of G8 countries.

Q: Lately, there are lots of speculations about foreign countries exporting nuclear waste to Mongolia. What works are being done by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?

G.Zandanshatar: In the Mongolian Law, It is clearly stated that it is prohibited to bring in or import wastes and nuclear wastes into the country. Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working with the related officials to amend draft on prohibiting import of nuclear waste. This I think will be discussed in the next week’s government meeting.


We do hope that you will open soon an embassy in Rome. In Italy we love mongolian culture and history. Angelo

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