Does Mongolia need a law on conflict of interest?

Recently, lots of articles were published and written about the conflict of interest of the state officials. In other words, people, with conflict of interest, work in the state service. We questioned some well known people regarding this issue and put the following questions:
1.    Do we need to have a law to prevent from the conflict of interest?
2.    Can you name officials with the conflict of interest?
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Sha.Batbayar, the Head of the Administration of Democratic Party
We have such a law, but it hasn’t got the exact name of law on conflict of interest. There is an legal provision not to employ people with the conflict of interest. But, we need this exact provision. There are so many people with the conflict of interest are becoming ministers and head of agencies. Now, many governors are in such situation. Therefore, this provision is necessary.

D.Enkhbat, Leader of Green Party of Mongolia (won seat at the State Great Khural)
Conflict of interest has wider sense, therefore when adopting this law, it must be reflected in many side laws. Law on tender bid and law on local governance will e affected by this provision, therefore principal laws must be reconsidered.

Citizen Lkhamjav:
It is an important law. The main importance is to prevent from the corruption. Everyone has interest. They must register their interest in advance. State officials must not be appointed in order to solve their private issues and exercise private interest. International law making standard is very detailed. When to adopt a new law, its implementation must be stated clearly. If someone has share or equity in companies or businesses or member of board, then he or she must register it in detail.

P O.Chuluunbat:
This law is in need. We need to have as soon as possible.

MP D.Gankhuyag:
This law is in demand. First, we should have law on ethics in the state service and the second, there is a law to limit and determine the conflict of interest.

MP Z.Enkhbold:
We need this law

MP D.Dondog:
It is hard to say that there is a private interest without law. Law is essential and this law must be adopted. Then we can split state service with from private interest.

MP D.Odbayar:
Law must be adopted as soon as possible. We need urgent development in this direction.

MP S.Oyun, Leader of Civil Will Party
Conflict of interest is very critical issue. The law must be transparent and adopted. Otherwise, without law is itself encouraging the corruption.


It is encouraging news that all political parties seem to support a hopefully fast implementation of a law to prevent conflict of interest for officials of the government and state agencies.
This will lead to more transparency which will undoubtedly lead to a less skeptical attitude of the Mongolian population to their politicians.
Besides that it will also make Mongolia rank lower on the list of countries concerning corruption which is good to attract more foreign investment.
This law should include a central and public register where all officials have to register there interest and failing to do this correctly should be sanctioned.

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