D.McCombe, Chair of Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum: about e3 in Mongolia

Q: Can Environmental Excellence in Exploration (e3) be implemented in Mongolia?

D.McCombe: Basically, e3 is the principle of environmental responsibility and recovery. It was initiated in 2003 and numerous major mining companies are implementing it. E3 can fully be implemented in Mongolia, because Mongolian main activity is still exploration works. In doing so, there will be good basement of protecting environment and conducting quality recovery work. Handouts with basic advisories were distributed to the Mongolian mining companies. E3 is the principle that supports environment management implementation of the international exploration companies and contractors and helps increase of awareness of the shareholders.  Through it, other activities such as increasing involvement of local community in environmental recovery works.

Q: According to your opinion, how well the Mongolian companies handling the environmental recovery works?

D.McCombe: It is my first visit to Mongolia. Therefore, it is early to comment something regarding this issue. Basically, I studied the mining industry of Mongolia. According to my knowledge, Mongolia is developing responsible mining performance. Therefore, it surely take some effect in the Mongolian mining and environment.

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