D.Lundeejantsan, MPRP group leader at the State Great Khural: First draft agreement on “Two Tolgoi” will be introduced next month

MPRP group at the State Great Khural meeting was held yesterday to discuss certain draft laws. MP D.Lundeejantsan has his comments about the issue.

Q: What was the main discussion of the MPRP group meeting?
D.Lundeejantsan: We discussed drafting a law on the Presidential Election and a 1.5 million MNT grant. Also we discussed the issue of the “two head” and MPs were informed of their schedule working with their elected district.

Q: Will the law on the Presidential election be amended before the election? D.Lundeejantsan: We need to discuss and talk about it with the President and the Demparty group.

Q: Was the draft law proposed? What will be the draft agreement?
D.Lundeejantsan: No, the Government has more details about it. I guess it will introduce the first draft by February 10 2009.

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