Develop National Corporation in Order to Mine Ourselves

Singer B.Khongor, Ts.Jadambaa of Global Leadership Institute, and number of other guys announced that they are founding “Bayan Mongol” (stand for Richer Mongolia) civil movement. According to them, Mongolia shall incorporate National Corporation which could serve for the purpose of developing mining projects. “Most important thing is that we, Mongolians have to explore, mine, and develop our minerals ourselves. No foreign company involvement. As of today, Mongolia has 54 strategically significant deposits. We can raise much money from Hong Kong and Toronto exchanges through announcing IPO. Many foreign invested companies gathered their money by this way. And, also there would not be any state dominance. In case of state dominance, we shall proceed like Erdenet, and almost 5 per cent of profit would be distributed to Mongolians.”, they say.


Who wrote this article? … obviously somebody with absolutely no experience in the real world of resources and mining. You actually think Mongolian mining companies can get listed on the Toronto exchange? Not a chance. Why don’t you do some investigative work into what it takes to get lsited. And as for getting listed on the HK exchange, have you read the recent reports?…the HK exchange bubble has burst! Added,you have relatively no experience as a nation in developing and / or financing a mining project. Just look around…Baganuur, Bor-Ondor, two easy examples of how little experience you have in mining deposits on your own. I’m tired of hearing such nonsense…

This article is just a information, I guess. I agree with a Mongolian with experience. But this Bayan Mongol movement was soon revealed that it was established pure for the political reasons: to promote candidate Mr. Lu.Bold, who has been elected as the new MP for the next four years. Mr. Bold initiated this idea of Bayan Mongol Corporation.

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