Democratic Party Faction held meeting

Dem Party faction in the SGK held a meeting yesterday. The faction discussed about the works that are being implemented by the collaborated government between 2008 and 2012. The faction earlier set up a working group to assess the works of the Government. According to the Head of the working group MP Ch.Saikhanbileg, the works and large projects being implemented by the Coalition Government is not up to standard in terms of Macroeconomics, Finance, Policies to increase production and infrastructure.

The Dem Party faction’s meeting concluded that the working group should push the Joint Government to the right direction and finish implementing large projects. The conclusion is ready therefore the working group and MPs of the Dem Party agreed to discuss the conclusion during the regular cabinet meeting next week.

MP Ch.Saikhanbileg stated that Dem Party is standing firm on the 56:20 election policy. Our Party will do everything to support fair election said Ch.Saikhanbileg. In addition, the political parties need to agree on one policy and get used to it as time is running out.

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