D.Zorigt's interview on Power Plant in Gobi

Q: What decision did the meeting take on your report?

D.Zorigt: The Government decided to start work on a power plant in 2012 itself, even though the plan was to start building it in 2016. The plant would be the largest source of energy in the Gobi region. The Ministry would submit initial plans of the plant to the Government in June. Erdenes Tavantolgoi LLC and Oyutolgoi LLC would take part in the construction.

Q: Where would it come up and when will the feasibility studies be made?

D.Zorigt: Oyutolgoi LLC has already prepared a techno-economic study of a plant in the Oyutolgoi deposit area. If we decide to build it in the nearby Tavantolgoi deposit area, a joint team of the two companies can work on a further study.

Q: Did the meeting discuss the water issue?

D.Zorigt: We have taken certain decisions on this difficult issue but are yet to receive access to the land through which the pipes to bring the water will be laid.  Prime Minister S.Batbold has spoken to local officials about the urgency and asked them to finish the paper work quickly.

Q: When would the agreement be signed?

D.Zorigt: We are talking with the investors on this and hope a date will be fixed in the near future.

Q: What did you discuss with delegates from the German Ministry of Economics and Technology?

D.Zorigt: We discussed investment by German companies in some definite projects in the mining sector and also the need for a strategic partnership that will allow Mongolia access to German technology and will attract investment in processing factories.

Q: Did they identify any projects?

D.Zorigt: Deutsche Bank wants a part in constructing the new railway; a German company is among those shortlisted in selection for the operator company in the Tavantolgoi deposit; some companies are interested in factories to wash or coke coal. They have to know how much finance will be needed, and what sort of export insurance is possible and what help they can expect from banks and the Government in Germany.

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