"Confidential" Agreement made by the former Minister Battulga is revealed

MP. Khurelbaatar, Chairman of the Cabinet Secretariat of the Government of Mongolia, has confirmed that “secret” agreement, made between Korean side, by MP Battulga, during his service at the Government of Mongolia in charge of Infrastructure, Construction and Urban Development. The agreement was made on the new development of the Mongolian Railway network in the south and east part of Mongolia.

His signature and other related evidences were re-confirmed by his former colleagues at Ministry, but was allegedly denied by MP Battulga.

Normal procedure according to the effective law of the Government, every agreement shall be presented to the Ministry level, in order to get their point of views and then, the responsible Minister shall bring the issue to the Cabinet Minister’s Meeting for the final voting and approval. Only after that an official receives full power to sign.

Here is an excerpt from interview of Chairman Khurelbaatar: … ” The Russian side made inquiry on this issue from PM S.Batbold, with questions … why are you changing previously agreed provisions and conditions in the agreement… why the state is taking 51% and grant 49% to the strategic investor of the railway that would be built by us… I saw the agreement and it was signed by former Minister, MP Battulga.”

The following links are about the signing of the agreement.



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Bi ene gishuund hairtai durlchihsan shutej yavdag ,mungund ni bish uurt ni ….. Neg l udur dairaldah baih avgai ni aztai huuhen shuu .battulga gushuune unsii ulgii…..bi tanaas 10duu namaig toodog ch boloosoi.bi sweded baidag end uitgartai bna ,mngl d ochvol tanitai amidrii…. Namaig toogooch

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