Prime Minister Supports Bill Regarding the Social Wellfare of Teachers

The subject of making amendments to the educational law to improve the social well-being of teachers is being heavily discussed in the Government. Prime Minister S.Batbold supports the bill put forward by Parliament members D.Oyunkhorol, O.Enkhtuvshin, D.Ochirbat, D.Odbayar, S.Erdene, and P.Altangerel. The Parliament members presented the bill which includes modification to the current educational law.

Mongolia is one of eleven countries with highest rate of desertification

Yesterday, the international tele conference was held at the Central Palace of Culture on global warming, especially warming of Mongolia. Over 1200 delegates were attended and exchanged their point of views. During the conference, Mongolia is placed in eleventh in the world that is affected by the desertification. According to the scholars and researchers, Mongolia […]

GAF to Establish a Computerized Mining Title Cadastre and Registry for Mongolia

Munich – GAF has been awarded a contract to design and establish the new automated and countrywide Mining Registry and Cadastre System for Mongolia. After the successful completion of contract negotiations GAF will start work on-site in November 2008. The project under the Governance Assistance Program (GAP) aims to improve governance in the mining sector, […]

D.McCombe, Chair of Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum: about e3 in Mongolia

Q: Can Environmental Excellence in Exploration (e3) be implemented in Mongolia? D.McCombe: Basically, e3 is the principle of environmental responsibility and recovery. It was initiated in 2003 and numerous major mining companies are implementing it. E3 can fully be implemented in Mongolia, because Mongolian main activity is still exploration works. In doing so, there will […]

Discussion on uranium

Around 10 deposits and over 1000 mineralized points in Mongolia. A open discussion is to be held on uranium and its importance and exploitation. The monthly lecture is organized by the Asia Foundation of USA, “Responsible Mining” NGO and NUM. Doctor and professor S.Enkhbat, head of the Atomic Energy Commission, and Mr. Manlaijav.G, deputy head […]

Resume of Mr. OTGONBAYAR Yondon: Cabinet Minister and the Minister for Education, Culture and Science

(Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party) Born in 1965, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Education: 1983-1989 Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow, former USSR, Master of Art (Diplomacy) 1993-1995 Indian Institute of Management and Marketing, New Delhi, India, Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing 2000 Academy of Management, Ulaanbaatar, Diploma in Policy Planning Profession: Diplomat