1792 hectare area was forested

Forestry work was intensively carried out in Tuv aimag. Forestry farms were established in Bayantsogt, Bornuur, Bayanchandmani, Erdene, Tseel, Delgerkhaan, Mungunmorit and Sumber soums and six companies planted over 4 million trees. In other word, total forested area reaches 1792 hectare. Also Zuunmod and Tseel soums created fruit farms and 1.5 hectare area was planted […]

Mongolia is to count its population with 13.4 billion MNT

Mongolia counts its livestock every year, but does the first time since 2000. In year 2000, the Mongolian population was 2,372,493. Between 1989-2000, the population growth rate was 1.4%. The numbers of Civil Registration Center and National Statistics Committee has difference. One says 2.5 million and another says 2.7 million. It is also unclear that […]

AIDS record hits 46

AIDS first recorded in Mongolia in 1996 and reached 46 as of September 8, 2008. Mostly reproductive age generation is committed to HIV/AIDS. Mongolia is listed among countries where HIV occurrence is low, however it has high risk. Unemployment, poverty and migration among the population are high. AIDS occurrences do not fall down because Mongols […]