Zorigt Dashdorj, Cabinet Member and the Minister for Mineral Resource and Energy

Dashdorjiin Zorigt (MPRP) — Minerals and Energy; Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party 1971 Born in Ulaanbaatar Educational record: 1988-1994 Moscow University of International Studies. 1996-1998 University of Australia 2002-2003 Kyushu University, Japan Specialized in political science and Chinese study Master in Law and International Relations Language: Mongolian, Russian and English

Resume of Mr. OTGONBAYAR Yondon: Cabinet Minister and the Minister for Education, Culture and Science

(Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party) Born in 1965, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Education: 1983-1989 Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Moscow, former USSR, Master of Art (Diplomacy) 1993-1995 Indian Institute of Management and Marketing, New Delhi, India, Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing 2000 Academy of Management, Ulaanbaatar, Diploma in Policy Planning Profession: Diplomat

Altanhuyag Norov, Cabinet Member, The 1st Deputy Prime Minister

1958 Born in Ulaangom city, Uvs aimag. Education: 1976-1981 National University of Mongolia, occupation: bio-physician and teacher of physics. 1982-1984 Evening course of English at the National University of Mongolia 1992-1993 Administration Development Institute, majoring in State Administration. Upgraded his education in State University of Moscow and Humboldt University in bio-physics and Germany in party […]