Mongolia: Overcoming insurance challenges

As government programmes expand basic insurance coverage in Mongolia, economic growth spurred by resource revenues is expected to create surging demand in the private insurance market. However, ensuring the latter is managed by appropriate legislation represents a challenge to regulatory bodies. In June, Mongolia’s Insurance and Human Development Fund (HDF) reported that 555,000 people out […]

OT project future looks grim

Share price of Oyu Tolgoi project, the biggest and most eagerly awaited contributor to the state budget of Mongolia, is really going to slump regardless of its gain in the past few days? is sharing it view with our readers as follows. Influence from Neighbors In the last few years, especially during the reign […]

B.Bataya is re-appointed as the Head of the Mongolian Railway

Today, B.Batzaya, former Head of the Mongolian Railway, was re-appointed by the State Property Committee. He was previously sacked by Mr. Zayabal,  charge de affair of Chairman of the State Property Committee. B.Batzaya sued against this decision and the related court resolved the decision in favour of B.Batzaya. Hence the State Property Committee re-appointed him […]

Cabinet Ministers are nominated

The State Great Khural is about to discuss the nominated members of the Government of Mongolia and the ministers are: Prime Minister: N.Altankhuyag Deputy Prime Minister: D.Terbishdavga Chairman of the Cabinet Secretariat and Minister:  Ch.Saikhanbileg Minister for Foreign Relations: L.Bold Minister for Justice: Kh.Temuujin Minister for Construction and Urban Development: Ts.Bayarsaikhan Minister for Defense: D.Bat-Erdene […]

The Government of Mongolia will have 16 ministries

Prime Minister N.Altankhuyag presented his draft law on the Government structure and its members to the President of Mongolia. The New Government will have 16 ministries and 19 ministers including Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Head of the Cabinet Secretariat. Ministries are divided into two categories: General (policy making) and directional (implementing) General ministries: […]