Mongolia: Overcoming insurance challenges

As government programmes expand basic insurance coverage in Mongolia, economic growth spurred by resource revenues is expected to create surging demand in the private insurance market. However, ensuring the latter is managed by appropriate legislation represents a challenge to regulatory bodies. In June, Mongolia’s Insurance and Human Development Fund (HDF) reported that 555,000 people out […]

Mongolia to control investment by foreign state owned firms in strategic assets by new law

The Mongolian parliament is discussing a law that will control investment by foreign state owned firms in strategic assets says unofficial source. This new law could potentially stop Chalco’s bid to buy a controlling stake in SouthGobi Resources Ltd. The source says that in near time, the Mongolian Parliament’s plan to change the law is […]

The Government Discusses About Salary Raise

On Friday, the government discussed about the issue of salary raise and other financial benefits for state employees as demanded by the Mongolian Worker’s Union. They concluded that in accordance with article 3.1 of the 2010-2011 three-party Labor and Social Convention, the Government, the Mongolian Worker’s Union, and the Mongolian Employer’s Union will discuss the […]

Prime Minister Supports Bill Regarding the Social Wellfare of Teachers

The subject of making amendments to the educational law to improve the social well-being of teachers is being heavily discussed in the Government. Prime Minister S.Batbold supports the bill put forward by Parliament members D.Oyunkhorol, O.Enkhtuvshin, D.Ochirbat, D.Odbayar, S.Erdene, and P.Altangerel. The Parliament members presented the bill which includes modification to the current educational law.