Mongolian coal failed to reach the Russian port

As reported earlier on site (,  the very first 2000 tons of coal in 30 wagon carriages departed Ulaanbaatar Station heading to Naushki – Vostochny port. This action urged wide gauge railway policy adoption by the policymakers. Some sources inform that the train stuck in an anonymous station in Far Eastern Russia. Actually, Russians […]

Peter Ramsauer, Minister for Transport, Construction and Urban Development of Federal Republic of Germany: Mongolian coal and other mineral will be exported to EU

Q: What was the main agenda of meeting with Minister Kh.Battulga? P.Ramsauer: During the meeting I expressed my belief in the increase of export from Mongolia to EU. Coal and other minerals will be exported. Railway transportation is best for these minerals. Therefore, both sides agreed to focus on this field. Consequently, we talked about […]

Railway transportation tariff has increased

Railway transportation tariff has increased Based on the permission No 1/479, dated on September 7 2010, of the Authority for Fair Competition and Consumers, transportation tariff, categorized in article 7 on export, import and domestic transportation, of certain loads has increased, starting from September 25 2010. According to this increase, tariff on loads of following […]