New Railway Project is spurred by the Cabinet

During the regular Cabinet Meeting, MP Kh.Battulga, Minister for Road, Transport, Construction and Urban Development, made presentation on “New railway” project progress and initial financing. Cabinet Meeting instructed Board Directors of Development Bank to transfer the necessary fund for the feasibility study, geological and geodesy and environmental impact evaluation and earth work of the project. […]

1km of railway will cost $2.5 million

In the scope of the project, new railways from Tavantolgoi to Sainshand (468 km), Sainshand-Khuut (450 km), Khuut-Choibalsan (155 km), Khuut-Numrug (380 km), Tavantolgoi-Gashuunsukhait (267 km), Nariinsukhait- Shiveekhuren (46 km) will be established. The feasibility study on the new railway project was executed by McKinsey and Company. The analysts of the company say the project […]

Coaltrans Mongolia attracts analyzing and testing giants into Mongolia

Coal Trans Mongolia, being held between 21 June 2011 – 22 June 2011 at Chinggis Khaan Hotel (, attracted many big names in the mining sector of Mongolia, especially in coal sales and transportation, such as Mongolian Mining Corporation, Mon En Co, Leighton, South Gobi Sands and many more. Mr. Enebish, CEO of Erdenes Tavan […]

Ulaanbaatar Railway's capital to increase by $250 million

Today, MP Kh.Battulga, Minister for Roads, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development, and Mr. Levetin, Minister for Transportation of the Russian Federation signed  on the joint protocol of increasing the capital of Ulaanbaatar Railway Mongolia-Russian Joint Cooperative by $250,000,000. Ulaanbaatar Railway Mongolia-Russian Joint Cooperative owns Railcom, the provider of optic cable owner to Mongolia, International Freight […]

Mongolia coal export reached 10,95 million tons

According to the Economy, Statistics Information Committee of Inner Mongolian Autonomy Region North China, Mongolian coal export reached 10,95 million tons in between January – September 2010. Since 2005, Mongolian coal export has been increasing each year. Statistical source says that 5,856 million tons of coal imported through the border point called Tseg in the […]