Petrol price has reduced further

Petrol price has reduced by 60-150 MNT from yesterday. In Relation to this news petrol importing companies are urging other companies and businesses to reduce their prices of goods and services as price of petrol have become more affordable and it is looking to reduce further. The most important issue is that public expects a […]

Czech Ambassador meets with Minister for Road, Transportation and Constrcution.

Mr. Kh.Battulga, the Minister for Road, Transportation and Construction, met with Czech Ambassador Vaslav Jilek.they both expressed that Mongolia and Czech Republic have long lasting history of cooperation and it can be developed furthermore. During the meeting, Minister Kh.Battulga noted that Czech Republic reached to the level of developed countries and Mongolia can cooperate with […]


Russian Federation sent a letter of notice to transfer its 49% of equity of Erdenet and MongolRostsvetmet to the third party. It was clarified from Mr. Ts.Nanzaddorj, Head of the Privatization Department of the State Property Committee. He said that “Russian Federation owns 49% of Erdenet and MongolRostsvetmet. The President of Russian Federation made decree […]