Cabinet Ministers are nominated

The State Great Khural is about to discuss the nominated members of the Government of Mongolia and the ministers are:
  1. Prime Minister: N.Altankhuyag
  2. Deputy Prime Minister: D.Terbishdavga
  3. Chairman of the Cabinet Secretariat and Minister:  Ch.Saikhanbileg
  4. Minister for Foreign Relations: L.Bold
  5. Minister for Justice: Kh.Temuujin
  6. Minister for Construction and Urban Development: Ts.Bayarsaikhan
  7. Minister for Defense: D.Bat-Erdene
  8. Minister for Roads and Transport: A.Gansukh
  9. Minister for Culture, Sport and Tourism: Ts.Oyungerel
  10. Minister for Mining Industry: D.Gankhuyag
  11. Minister for Industry and Agriculture: Kh.Battulga
  12. Minister for Labour: Ya.Sanjmyatav
  13. Minister for Human Development and Social Welfare: S.Erdene
  14. Minister for Economic Development: N.Batbayar
  15. Minister for Education and Science: L.Gantumur
  16. Minister for Health: N.Udval
  17. Minister for Energy: M.Sonompil
  18. Minister for Finance: M.Enkhsaikhan
  19. Minister for Environment and Green Development: S.Demberel
But MP S.Oyun, Leader of Civil Will Green Party, commented that the Minister for the Environment and Green Development is not yet finalized. The above mentioned name list of Ministers is about to be presented to the Speaker of the State Great Khural.

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