Battulga Khaltmaa, the Cabinet Minister and Minister for Roads, Transportation and Construction

Democratic Party of Mongolia

Born in 1963, in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Educational record:
1978 Secondary School # 34
1978-1982 Secondary School of Painting

Artist of painting

Language: Mongolian, Russian and English

Employment record:
1982-1986 Painter, Union of Artists
1986-1989 Athlete of the Mongolian Squad
1990-2004 General Director, “Genco” LLC
1997-1998 Executive Director of Bayangol Hotel
1998-2000 Executive Director “MakhImpaex” SHC
Since 2004 Member of Parliament

Appointed as the Cabinet Minister and the Minister for Road, Transportation, Construction and Urban Development by the session of the State Great Khural, September 19, 2008.


Can you please forward this comment to Mr. Bathulga Khaltmaa, if possible. Thanks.

L.M. a concerced American geologis commented on the following link:

“Mongolia’s response should preserve and enhance its independent status, as somewhat symbolized by the (Russian) railroad gauge used in Mongolia. All of Mongolia’s resources need to be available to Mongolians, hence the necessity for using Mongolia’s gauge. At present, in spite of formal requests to extend the Mongolian rail line into Beijing, the Chinese government refuses and requires a change of all cargos onto Chinese trains on Chinese tracks at the border. Mongolia’s response should be to require the completion of their rail line to Beijing to enable the direct shipment of cargo on Mongolian trains. While that is being done, the Mongolians can complete their own line to their coal fields. If the Chinese agree, then Mongolia can discuss the possibility of a dual-gauge track being laid to connect their coal fields to China.”
China Eyes Bite of Mongolia? | The Diplomat
As Russia and China vie for access to its minerals, Mongolia has turned to the US as a counterweight. But is its democracy safe?

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