Barilga Sale – 2009

Barilga Sale – 2009 exhibition start today at the “Tekh” construction materials merchandise center. Ministry of road, construction and urban development is also involved in organising this exhibition. The main subject of this exhibition is to find a way out of construction sector crisis, as the organisers have explained briefly. Organisers also say that this exhibition will cut negative trend, build positive environment and support each others to overcome this crisis.

During this fair, information and advices will be provided, lectures and seminars will be held and knowledge and ability of the constructors will be tested through a contest. 284 constructions works and 540 billion MNT of investments are at halt.

We are in today’s situation as the investors are not keen to invest and commercial banks are not providing loans, informs some of the organisers during the conference. They are to overcome this crisis by promoting epic sale. Over 130 firms and companies are involved in this exhibition and some firms are offering a deal where if a customer buys a two bedroom flat then one bedroom flat comes as present. This exhibition will be held for another 4 days and finish on the 31st of this month.

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