B.Khurts freed from Germany, Arrived in Mongolia

B.Khurts, head of the executive office of National Security Council of Mongolia has just arrived at the Capital city of Mongolia with B.Bolor, Deputy Minister of Foreign Relations and other officials. According to B.Bolor, Germany had freed B.Khurts. Some of the German media have already started to announce that the Mongolian official is freed with no charge.

Bat Khurts, head of the executive office of Mongolia’s National Security Council, was arrested under a European arrest warrant in September 2010 on suspicion of kidnapping Damiran Enkhbat in Europe in 2003 and then taking him back to Mongolia.

Enkhbat, who was charged with the 1998 assassination of a Mongolian minister, never confessed to the crime during imprisonment. He died shortly after his release in 2006.

The Mongolian government claimed that Khurts was on a “special mission to meet with British officials and discuss bilateral cooperation on security issues” when he wasarrested.


Interesting what was Khurts traded for?
What made the Germans to let go free a criminal who kidnapped somebody in Germany?
What was the deal?
Shame on Germans!

It is not “interesting” what was he traded for. It is REAL SHAME that Germany traded him for something. It seems there is no JUstice, even in Germany. It seems, Mongolia and Germany are in same page in terms of corruption. Shame.

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