Mongolian Tugrug must be used

The Bank of Mongolia attributes the current soaring of the US$ rate against the MNT to the few people who only pursue the short run benefits. MNT is the official currency in Mongolia. Breaching the law creates artificial demand in the market. RMB and US$ in the black market is less than 0.1% of the […]

T.Badamjunai, Minister for Food, Agriculture and Light Industry made report to MPs of the Standing Committee on Environment and Agriculture.

Climate allows 45 days only for autumn harvest. It will require 670 combiners to complete it within 25 days. Mongolia has 1.2 million hectare land for plantation since 1990. But now Mongolia uses only 200 thousand hectare for plantation. It has target to increase it up to 300 thousand hectare. In the future, it sets […]

Mongol Securities plotted its share price fall

Mongol Securities SHC’s seat at MSE was temporarily suspended. According to the examination of the related body, its share price was decreased 5 times (70.49%) since last July 1st. Director of Mongol Securities L.Gundegmaa severely breached provision 16.1.3 of the Stock Market Law of Mongolia and it was cleared that Director of Mongol Securities SHC […]

B.Bayarmaa, Leader of “Khuvsgul Ocean Owners” movement: MP Batj.Batbayar exceeds its power on phosphor deposits in Khuvsgul aimag

MP Batj.Batbayar’s son B.Batkhishig acquired 15 licenses in the phosphor deposit area. B.Bayarmaa, Leader of “Khuvsgul Ocean Owners” movement, local movement which is opposes this ownership, has her words. Q: Local people demonstrated against Burenkhaan phosphor deposit exploitation. But its licenses were issued. How many companies own this deposit licenses? A: NGOs of Khuvsgul aimag […]

Erdenet provides 512 billion MNT annually to the state budget

In conjunction with the 30th anniversary of Erdenet JVC, Mr. Ch.Ganzorig, General Director of Erdenet JVC, Mr.Z.Ganbaatar, Vice Director for Production, Mr. Yo.Bayarsaikhan, Deputy Director for Social Issues, held a press conference. Erdenet is the key contributor to the development of the Mongolian economy and it has the most up to date technology and facilities […]