Oyu Tolgoi feasibility study (Update 1): Feasibility study report submission was rejected.

Last fall, Oyu Tolgoi project IA was signed by the Mongolian Government and Oyu Tolgoi investors (IMMI and Rio Tinto International Holdings Limited). Singing parties were talking about unlocking the biggest ever Mongolian mining opportunity. But, Oyu Tolgoi feasibility study was rejected by the Technical Meeting of the Mineral Wealth Professional Committee. The Committee concludes […]

President Enkhbayar met with Prime Minsiter Putin

During World Economy Forum at Davos, Switzerland, President Enkhbayar met with the Russian Prime Minister Putin. Mr. S.Batbold, Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade, Mr. D.Tsogtbaatar, Secretary of the State and Mr. L.Orgil, adviser in charge of foreign affairs, were attended the meeting. President stated the importance of improving economy effectiveness and opportunity to cooperate […]

N.Enkhbayar is attending Davos Forum

President N.Enkhbayar is attending economy forum in Davos, Switzerland. After his landing at Zurich, President Enkhbayar met with Mr. Kim, President of Hyundai and Mr. Kim expressed his willingness to expand its business and investment in Mongolia. Also we met with His Highness Duke Hans Adams II, Liechtenstein. Duke Hans Adams exchanged his interest in […]

Risk Fund will be used again

During the last Friday session of the State Great Khural, meat reserve issue and amendment of the Law on Mongolia Development Fund was discussed. In order to improve meat supply, eliminate many broker levels between herders and consumers and prevent price increase, 37.5 billion MNT is planned to allocate for preparing 15,000 tons of meat […]

Mr. L.Purevdorj, a newly appointed President of Mongol Bank: will hopes to provide more money into the market

Shortly after his appointment as the President of Mongol Bank, Mr. L.Purevdorj answered some questions from the media. Q: What will be your first goal? L.Purevdorj:  I will begin with the regular duty of the President. I am not the President yet. I haven’t met with or learned from the staff of experts and professionals […]

80% of government and state officials will surrender from their party membership

Official statistics says that there are over 140 thousand state and government officials in Mongolia. About 20% of them including the President, MPs, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Ministers, Governors of all levels and state owned entities, are political positions. Therefore, they are not to surrender their party membership. However, the remaining 80% will have to make […]