Mobicom Corporation

Name: Mobicom Corporation Industry: Communications Company in Brief: Mobicom Corporation was incorporated in 18th March of 1996 as a Mongolian-Japanese joint venture to become the first operator to introduce cellular telecommunication services to Mongolia.  It has been founded by Mongolian Newcom company, which share is 40 %, and Japanese corporations Sumitomo and KDDI. Currently Mobicom […]

Mongolia: Ringing the changes

Underlining the rapid evolution under way in Mongolia’s telecommunications sector, the state-run, land-line telecoms provider is cutting back while the main mobile players are introducing new features and announcing major international partnerships. In January, Mongolia Telecom Company (MTC) announced it would need to lay off 200 workers due to “an increase in cell-phone usage”. It […]

Japan and Mongolia: "Rising Sun" Looks for "Bluer Sky"

Towards strategic partnership. Japan, Mongolia’s fourth largest trading partner, is seen by the Mongolian Government as an important player for the development of the resource-rich country. In order to reduce its reliance on its two neighboring superpowers, China and Russia, Mongolia is seeking a “strategic partnership” status with the world’s third largest economy. Japan has […]

Peter Morrow choses Newcom Group

Mr. Peter Morrow, CEO of Khanbank, made statement to resign after his contract term ends. Mr. Peter Morrow has no intention of leaving the bank; instead he will remain another two years as adviser to the bank, after he transfers position to a newly appointed Englishman. He also independent Board Member of Eznis Airways, the […]

International chess tournament: Global chess – 2009

International chess tournament will be held during the 19-24 of this month. The international chess tournament is organised by Mon Chess club and Mobicom Corp and it will take place at the Chingis hotel. Team of players including grand master B.Khatanbaatar, World’s Chess Association master D.Erkhembayar, international master L.Myagmarsuren and T.Batchimeg will represent Mongolia in […]