26 top priority projects to be implement by the Mongolian Government (Part 1)

Priority 1

Oyu Tolgoi Project – Copper Smelting Factory to smelt 100,000 tons of ore per day or 35 million tons of ore each year. Further to increase up to 150 thousand tons per day or 56 million tons per year

Tavan Tolgoi Project – to mine 20 million tons of coal each year and produce 15 million tons of product (beneficiated) coal

Copper Smelting Factory Project – to produce 70 thousand tons of copper cathodes.

Metallurgy Complex Project – smelt 2 million tons of steel and produce railway rails, steel sheets and oversized metal works

Coke  – Chemical Plant Project – Extract natural gas bitumen and other raw materials of chemicals from Cocking Factory.

Oil production and refinery Project – with modern technology that meets with the international standard, based on the domestic products

Coal and Chemical factory Project – Chemical Factory based on the coal deposit

Construction Material Factory Project – Cement factory of Sainshand will produce 1 million tons and other factories will produce 110 thousand tons of cement. Construction iron steel frame production will produce two million tons of iron and steel frame. Ceramics Ingot Factory will produce 50 million pieces each year. Insulation Factory and block production factories will be built.


I suggest one of the most critical areas for immediate devfelopment.
Communication and internet access.
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